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Donation Rewards

Post  Dave on Wed Aug 26, 2009 4:39 am

All Currency is USD

Mod = 15 Dollars
Admin = 25 Dollars

Ags = 10 Dollars
Full Mask Set = 30 Dollars
Full Phat Set = 30 Dollars
Full PVP Armour = 50 Dollars
Full PVP Armour with WEAPONS = 60 Dollars
All PVP Weapons including bandos war spear = 15 Dollars
Full Barrow Set = 30 Dollars
Dragon Claws = 20 Dollars
Donator Cape ( dont lose on death ) = 5 Dollars
^ ( Make sure you have Donor rank before you buy lol )
Regular Fire Cape = 1 Dollar
Full Spirits Shields = 35 Dollars

Reset Any stat or stats you would like = 3 dollars
Customize your own account with any stats you would like! = 25 dollars
^ ( Cannot get 99 slayer )
Customize your own account with any stats you would like. With DONOR = 30 dollars

For Account Customization make sure the account name is not taken and you own the account at that time.

Any Donation 10+ will give you donator status ingame. With donator you can weild Vesta longsword, Dragon Claws, And Statius Warhammer. You can also weild Donator Cape. Which you never lose on death and is better then regular fire cape!

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